Telna Mobile Popunder Inventory

Promote your business to the target consumers by buying the right kind of traffic package which can reach out to the target consumers and get you more business. One of the most effective ways for promoting your online business to the target consumers is by buying Telna Mobile popunder inventory. It helps you to reach out to the 3G/$G mobile users even on the go and get more business. The Telna mobile popunder inventory reaches out to specific mobile users online, which is the people who make use of Telna carrier. So when you get the traffic through the popunder ads on this mobile carrier, it helps you to check the click through rate and the returns on investment that you are receiving through it.

The popunder ads have a good market as they are able to reach out to the target consumers easily. They are a part of visual ads that catch people’s attention and have a higher click through rate. When you buy Telna mobile popunder inventory, the ad server publishes the ad in the mobile application and specifically to the users using Telna mobile carrier. It helps you to promote your online business and get more revenue. To know more you can visit