What is Skimmed Popunder Traffic ?

Popunder ads are very effective in promoting a website and this is why many website buy popunder traffic for their website. There are different kinds of popunder traffic packages available to the buyer and he can select as per his requirement and budget. Skimmer popunder traffic is also a popular traffic package where the traffic is skimmed. This means that a section of the links on the website page is changed and it doesn’t send the traffic to the originally suggested websites.  It helps the publisher to send a part of their traffic to the associated websites.

You can get the skim ratio set where a ratio of 100,80,50 would mean that the surfer who clicks on the link first will go to the content  while the second surfer to click on it will go to a content with 80% probability. The rest of the surfers will then be directed to content with 50% probability. It is effective in promoting a website and is cost efficient as well. If you wish to promote your online business and enhance your web presence then you can consider buying the skimmer popunder traffic package. You can contact us to know more about such package and get the best deal for promoting your website.