Telefonica Mobile Popunder Inventory

Buying mobile pounder inventory helps the online business to reach out to more of their target consumers easily. They can also choose specific carrier and buy Telefonica mobile popunder inventory and other such inventory which also enables them to identify the package that is bringing them more traffic at the website. When you buy Telefonica mobile popunder inventory then the server serves your mobile ad only to the 3g/4g users who have Telefonica as their carrier. The ads are served to these users on the mobile app and the mobile website that they use. It helps you to reach out to the target consumers on the move as well and inform them of your product and services.

Since you chose the Telefonica mobile pounder inventory then the ads are published in the form of popunder ads.  They are visually appealing and demand attention immediately which makes them more successful. The ads appear on the application in a separate window and when the user clicks on the link it takes them to the advertised website. This is how the target consumers are brought to the advertised website and you are able to generate more traffic through the Telefonica mobile popunder inventory. To know more about the popunder traffic package you can contact