Adware & Publisher inventory Tracking support

Advertiser: Billing on Google analytics? does don't have their own cPanel or tracking to count on numbers?

Admin: Our Panel is integrated with only Publisher inventory, for contextual ads served for web content where ads are placed via tags on web publishers.

Advertiser: What's the difference is this publisher inventory and Adware Traffic?

Admin: Publisher inventory is where website place network tags and server ads, Adware is via toolbar and adware installs, where publisher is a product and not a website, Adware in most cases is tool bar or free to use install softwares which serves ads with user consent.

Advertiser: Why there is no cpanel for adware?

Admin: we are working with partners for Adware inventory, so there is no cPanel provided for same. however we support, numbers in case you need a 3rd party for counting. As those being a redirecting system provide you a more accurate stats.