Direct Advertisers - Get billed on Google Analytics - Buy Real Visitors with

Advertiser: how can i get billed on Google analytic numbers?

Admin: Criteria for getting billed on Google Analytics no's.
1. Client / Advertiser should be direct - and have access to Analytics stats directly.
2. Min cpm buys from client should be at $5 cpm
3. Min spend budget prepaid = $1K
we work with client on Google analytics stats with dedicated account manager once we see above things fulfilled.

Advertiser: do you bill for unique visitors?

Admin: Billing is for per day unique i.e. 1/24 freq capping.

Advertiser: What if my site is down when campaign is Live.

Admin: In case your website is down, and Google analytics stats don't show up anything, we will consider our no's, instead of going with google analytics.