What is Adometry?

Adometry is Now part of Google

When you use an advertising campaign for promoting your brand then that alone isn’t enough. You also need to track the progress of the ad campaign and this is where adometry can help you. It helps in evaluating the performance and the success of the ad campaign which helps the advertisers to choose the best for their campaign. It is the leading company that helps you to get ad analytics that helps the advertisers to understand the consumer’s demand. It also offers quality solutions that help with traffic management so that the advertisers can bring in more traffic at their website. Many advertisers depend on it to get an evaluation of their ad campaign. Using adometry can helps you to check the kind of traffic you receive and attribution metrics which further helps you to get better online advertising result.

When you use adometry then it helps you to identify the sources that are not performing well and you can identify the ones that are making your website more popular. You can then plan your ad campaign accordingly and you can easily bring in more traffic at your website. Adometry analysis various aspects so that you can get better returns on your ad campaign