Interstitials Popups

Websites these days use innovative ways to promote their products and services online. The interstitial popups are just one such way that helps advertisers to promote the website. The term interstitial essentially means ‘in between’. It opens as a form of popup ad. Initially, the interstitials windows were used for age restricted website. When people visited such site and wish to open another page then the window would open to confirm their age. This was used for website that had age restricted content. But now, interstitial popups are used for advertising as well. When people visit different pages of a website then ads open up to promote another website.

Popups ads have always managed to bring in good traffic at a website. Buying the interstitial popup is also effective in this context and helps in promoting the website more effectively. Such ads enjoy a good click through rate and can bring in good traffic at the advertisers website. The publishers also benefit through such ad as higher click through rate means more revenue for them. If you wish to buy more traffic then you can buy interstitial popup through us. We sell targeted popups also which helps in bringing in quality traffic to the website.