What is Popunder Traffic?

Promoting a website is essential to enhance the web presence and make it more popular. Different types of online marketing solutions are used by the companies to promote their sites. Popunder advertising is also one such online marketing solution that is very effective and helps you to get good traffic at your website. The traffic or the visitors that you receive on your website through the popunder ads are termed as popunder traffic.

Popunder ads have a good presence and are noticed easily. They are display ads which can be made more attractive with the help of graphics and animation. These ads open in a separate page, beneath the publisher’s page they are linked with. When the user shuts the window he has been working on then he notices the popunder ad window. He may find it informative and useful and click on it which takes him to the advertiser’s landing page. This helps the advertisers to get visitors at the website and such visitors are called as popunder traffic.  If you wish to bring in more of relevant traffic or targeted consumers to your website, you can buy targeted popunder ads. Such ads enjoy a better click through rate and have a good conversion rate.