Popunder vs Popup Traffic

Popunder and popup traffic refers to the visitors that come to a website through popunder ads or popup ads respectively. Now both these forms of online marketing are similar but they still have a major difference. Popup ads refer to the ad window that opens up over the publisher’s webpage. For instance, when a visitor visits a website, then another window opens up that advertises another website. This is a popup ad. But when this window opens beneath the web page he has opened, it is called as popunder ads. The popup ads are considered to be interfering and people may simply ignore it but the popunder ads are considered to be better and may enjoy a better click through rate. This is because people notice it after closing the window they may be working on. They may notice the ad window better and if they find it to be useful then they have a good chance of clicking which takes them to the advertiser’s website. This helps you to get popunder traffic and promotes your online business to the target consumers.

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