Idea Cellular Mobile Popunder Inventory

Popunder ads have a high click through rate and a better success rate. This is why most online advertisers prefer to use them in their ad campaign. One can buy Idea Cellular mobile popunder inventory for promoting their online business as it has a good click through rate. The number of Idea Cellular user is quite high. Using the idea cellular mobile popunder inventory enables you to reach out to these Idea users and bring them to the website that has been advertised. When you buy popunder inventory then the ads are served as popunder ads which appear in new window and is noticed by the users.

Choosing Idea Cellular mobile popunder inventory enables you to target people from a particular city, country or any geographical region as well. The ad server identifies the users on the Idea network. It serves the ad only to these users and the ads are linked with the mobile applications that these idea users use. When they use the application they can easily see the ad as they appear as popunder ads. Visiting the ads takes the users to the advertised mobile application or website which in turn helps the website to get more traffic. To buy such customized Idea Cellular mobile popunder inventory you can contact