Incentive Mobile App Installs

Get more people to install your application on their mobile phone by simply using incentive mobile app installs. It is considered to be effective as it has a good click through rate. Under this you basically give a certain incentive to the people who download the app. For instance, if you promote your mobile application through a mobile game then the ad can be linked on the game and if you give them game life point or game cash on downloading the app. Similarly, if you are promoting your website through a shopping application then you can sponsor discount coupons through the shopping app. These discount coupons can be sent to the users who download your mobile app.

This kind of advertising helps in getting you more downloads and is therefore more effective in promoting your online business. You get quality traffic and you need to pay to the advertisers only when users download the app through their mobile app. This makes it cost effective as well. When more people use your app then you can easily look forward to better business and more revenue through it. To know more about how the incentive mobile apps installs can help in promoting your business you can contact us at