B2E Mobile Popunder Inventory

B2E refers to Business to employee apps that the companies generally use to reach out to their employee. A number of companies allow their employees to work from home and use these apps so that they can network easily. The businesses that need to reach out to such employees can now easily use B2E mobile popunder inventory which enables them to reach out to these business and promote their business to them. When you buy B2E mobile popunder inventory then the relevant ads are published on the server that caters to these users only. The ads are published in the form of popunder ads which are linked with the B2E mobile ads. When the employees use the app then the ad is also visible to them and promotes the advertised website.

Popunder ads have a good success rate as they are display ads. They catch attention easily and enjoy a higher click through rate. So if you are looking forward to get more of B2E app traffic at your online business then you can buy B2E mobile popunder inventory for promoting it and to reach out to more people. To know more about how buying the B2E mobile popunder inventory can help in promoting your internet business or to buy an inventory for your online business you can contact Popunder Traffic..