DST Mobile Popunder Inventory

DST mobile popunder inventory can help you to promote your online business more efficiently. DST mobile has a high number of subscribers. Buying DST mobile popunder inventory means that you can reach out to the people who use DST service and promote your brand to them. It is especially useful for businesses which want to reach out to people in specific country. DST caters to mobile users in Brunei Darussalam and has a large number of subscribers. Business that needs audience from Brunei Darussalam can easily use the DST mobile popunder inventory for reaching out to these people.

The ads for promoting the business are served only on the servers which cater to the DST mobile users. When they use mobile applications then the ad server sends the ad to the application and it appears as a popunder ad. Popunder ads have better visibility as they open in a separate window and catch the user’s attention easily. They get a better click through rate which in turn helps in promoting the business more effectively. To know more about how the DST mobile popunder inventory can help in promoting your online business and to know more about such packages you can contact us at Popunder Traffic..