How do i buy Facebook Traffic - for Dating Advertisers

Dating Advertiser: We are banned on Facebook to show up soft core dating ads, How can we alternately target Facebook audience?

Support Admin: We allow you option to target Facebook audience via Desktop Toolbar / adware sources, which identifies the facebook keyword loads in URL and serves ads.

Dating Advertiser: Is quality of ads as good as Facebook direct ads

Support Admin: Yes, you reach same audience at a very cheaper price.

Dating Advertiser: What adunits? banners? Pops?

Support Admin: With adware traffic, we serve Full page Popups and Popunders. Price for URL targeting on Facebook as keyword varies with geo's.

Dating Advertiser: Do i get reports access to adware? and cPanel?

Support Admin: We provide you access to Adware deliver reports , but no cPanel and same is managed internally by admin.

Get started with Facebook ads, now you can server all those ads on Facebook which you can't do otherwise.