Popunder ads - a less annoying push marketing

Push marketing is popular with advertisers as they have a good success rate buy at the same time the consumers find it annoying as they interfere with their work. A better option is popunder ads which is a form of push marketing but is less annoying. Most of the advertisement under this form of marketing appear over the page the consumer is working and hinder with the work they may be doing. On the contrary, the popunder ad appears under the page the consumer is working on and doesn’t interfere with the work. When the user closes the window he may be working on then the popunder ad is visible to him. So though the ad is in his face, it doesn’t interfere with the work and is therefore considered to be less annoying. It also enjoys a good click through rate because the user is now free and may find the ad attractive and useful. He has a better chance of noticing it better and click on it which takes him to the landing page. The advertisers also have a better chance of converting him into target consumer. This is what helps in making them more popular and effective in promoting your website.