What is Fraudlogix.com?

A website receives all types of traffic which includes good traffic which can be converted into consumers and bad traffic which doesn’t help in increasing the sales and is therefore considered as a waste of resource and useless. To understand and determine this you can use Fraudlogix.com. They help you to identify and sort the bad traffic and good traffic so that you can use your resource to buy the good traffic for your website. It can help you to determine the quality of traffic that your receive so that you can get better returns on investment and bring in more traffic at your website.

It is ideally a fraud detection site that helps you to reduce the amount of fraud that you receive at your website. It relies on digital data analysis and behavioural data analysis which can help you to identify the fraud traffic. They use JavaScript pixel to collect the data and the data is then analysed to determine the bad traffic and the source. Advertisers can use this to make the ad campaign more effective as it helps them identify the right sources and design the ad campaign accordingly wherein they can employ the better sources and get higher return on investment.